Discovering Windows Live Writer

I have to say I am very impressed. I have just configured Windows Live Writer to allow me to post entries without having to go to my wordpress installation.

And I will add a picture to see if it all works.


If it does, here is the point of this tip. Read this article on what desktop clients you can use to add blog entries to your website without having go to through your browser.

Last comment: it looks like Microsoft Live Writer does not “pollute” the html text with extra tags. Quite impressive.

Mac anti-virus software

I received my first question regarding the Mac. Here it is:


What a great idea for a blog! I have a question for you.
I recently bought a mac. I have heard that they generally don’t get viruses. Does this mean that my computer will be safe without installing any virus protection software? If I wanted to be extra safe, would a product like Norton Antivirus or McAfee work on a mac?

Thank you!

Well first, congratulations on your recent purchase. You must be really happy! What you are saying is true, particularly if you use the PC as the measure against which to compare. That being said, you might still want an antivirus. You also should consider other possible attacks, particularly when it comes to protecting sensitive data.

For this, let me refer you to this great article from MacWorld on this specific topic. Let me just quote the conclusion:

No matter which operating system you use, there will always be people out there trying to make a fast buck by exploiting known bugs, system vulnerabilities, or lax users. I advise spending your money not on Mac antivirus software but on a good phishing-protection application; at the very least, consider using a browser that offers built-in phishing protection. Your Mac’s file system is probably safe from malicious hackers, but your identity may not be.

Good luck!


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