WinDirStat – Still useful after all these years

Credit when credit is due. When you have an app you keep on using after more than a decade, it’s really time to write a small post to give the app a tiny bit of the massive credit it deserves.

It’s funny, I thought that eventually needing to find free disk space would be a thing of the past. With single hard drives reaching sizes well beyond 10TB, I thought trying to clean up hard drives would be the last thing I would have to do. Well that did not account for the rise of the SSD drive, where free space is once again something that is hard to keep. Even though I thought my 1TB SSD would be sufficient, I ended up running out of space after a few too many game installs and game play recordings.

Enter WinDirStat, the best way to visualize where your disk space is allocated and the best way to identify what to delete or more to a less expensive storage system.

I really don’t recall when I started using WinDirStat, but I’m sure it was a long time ago. And I still go and download it when I get out of disk space. Which is more frequent than a Iike. Thanks Bernhard!

PC Tech Journal is back

After a long hiatus, PC Tech Journal is back!

First step was to pick a new hosting provider. This is when I realized I already had the 1&1 hosting package called “Unlimited Plus”. So I decided to give it a shot.

Two days later, after a number of trial and error, I was able to restore my blog here. It definitely wasn’t easy and I was really lucky to have an old cPanel backup handy. Which brings me to my small comment of the day. How can 1&1 not have a nice clean backup interface the same way cPanel has? One that backs up all your site data (including databases, email, etc.) in one click? This lack of feature is making me rethink my “choice”. I started looking at other options, but couldn’t find a clear winner, so I’ll be looking some more.

Anyways, it’s good to be back!



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