PC Tech Journal is back

After a long hiatus, PC Tech Journal is back!

First step was to pick a new hosting provider. This is when I realized I already had the 1&1 hosting package called “Unlimited Plus”. So I decided to give it a shot.

Two days later, after a number of trial and error, I was able to restore my blog here. It definitely wasn’t easy and I was really lucky to have an old cPanel backup handy. Which brings me to my small comment of the day. How can 1&1 not have a nice clean backup interface the same way cPanel has? One that backs up all your site data (including databases, email, etc.) in one click? This lack of feature is making me rethink my “choice”. I started looking at other options, but couldn’t find a clear winner, so I’ll be looking some more.

Anyways, it’s good to be back!



The best thing since slice bread?

I recently installed the Swype Beta keyboard for Android. The keyboard replaces the virtual keyboard that comes by default with Android. In my case, I had a Motorola Milestone/Droid, so I had the stock keyboard.

I have to say, I’m very impressed with Swype. The accuracy is quite high, and the choices presented when Swype is not sure what word I meant to type are pretty decent and easy to pick.

Anyways, I think every Android user should look forward to having the option of using such a virtual keyboard.

The only thing I am waiting for is French support, which I understand will eventually happen. Right now, only English, Italian and Spanish are supported.

Some companies water down their free software

I started looking for a document management tool. During my search, I landed on eDoc Organizer. I found the sales pitch for this software quite funny.

eDoc Organizer is designed for family use and for most people is absolutely free. Some companies water down their free software only to promote their upgrades at high prices later. That’s not how we treat our customers. We give you the exact same software, same features and protection, whether you have the basic, standard, business, or ultimate edition.

I started wondering how they could make money if they gave everything to everyone. Services? Ads? Not quite:

The only difference between the basic (free option) edition and the other editions is the amount of document storage. The basic edition holds up to 250 documents. For a household with ten different bills each month it amounts to over two years worth of storage. This should be sufficient for most customers, but for those individuals and businesses that want to use eDoc Organizer for more than household bills we do offer larger storage for a onetime software license fee.

A 250 documents limit? And you don’t count the number of documents as a feature?

It would be like Ubisoft giving out a game with all the features but with a 10 minutes time limit because most people won’t play the game for more than 10 minutes. I think it’s called a demo.

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