Internet Explorer 8 locking you down?

Sometimes, a website creates Internet Explorer windows where they disable all menus, all right-click menus, etc. And sometimes you really want to understand what the html source for a particular page is.

Quick tip: To access the debug screen, just press F12. At least you will be able to see the source of the site and maybe understand what is it that the website is trying to hide from you.

This could be interesting when you are trying to retrieve the real link for an object on the page, for example the URL of a picture.



Discovering Windows Live Writer

I have to say I am very impressed. I have just configured Windows Live Writer to allow me to post entries without having to go to my wordpress installation.

And I will add a picture to see if it all works.


If it does, here is the point of this tip. Read this article on what desktop clients you can use to add blog entries to your website without having go to through your browser.

Last comment: it looks like Microsoft Live Writer does not “pollute” the html text with extra tags. Quite impressive.

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